Simplicity, Letting Go

Over the last 3 years, I’ve decided to simplify. Why?

Because mental clutter is stressful and emotionally draining,

Because chasing junk (excuse me, possessions) will never satisfy, no matter how new it is,

Because pursuing accolades doesn’t necessarily create the associations I think I need to progress,

Because just about every form of media tells me I won’t be content until…whatever.

Because all the things I wish I had are not things at all, such as joy, love, relationships, meaning, and peace.

Because simple, is simply healthier and better.

Because Jesus didn’t require me to bring anything to the table, except myself.

I’m still learning to let go and cling to that which is true hope and contentment.

If I don’t leave anything behind, hopefully it’s because I chose to value the invaluable.


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